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Associate Regional Manager
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
Date of Visit: 3rd August 2012


She has over 15 years of strong Sales/Marketing/Training/Strategic planning exposure and in depth knowledge of health & financial industry. Received special recognitions for displaying excellent performance such as `SALES MASTER’, SALES MANGER of the Year’, Recruitment Champion, National Proactively Retention Award & Got Entitlement like LTIP (Long Term Incentive Plan). Dynamic marketing strategist with a proven track record of affecting substantial sales , revenue generation , distribution build up , training delivery & content writing. Excellent business development sense, keeping eye on market needs & People functional dynamics.

She is MBA from Amravati University, M.Sc from Punjab University and B.Sc. (Electronics) from GNDU, Amritsar. Prior to her present organization, she has worked with Max New York Life, USV Ltd., & Ranbaxy Group of Companies.

On 3rd August 2012. She delivered a lecture on “Indian Financial Sector”. She focused on insurance as a sector and tried to clarify the apprehension of the students in this sector as it is very challenging. She explained the importance of customer centric approach and how one can become very successful in this sector. She discussed the growth plan for an individual in this sector. The lecture informed the students about the importance of passion at work place. She also guided the students to be innovative and they should come up with new ideas father than following someone else’s footsteps.