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Sr. Consultant Corporate Strategy,
Mergers & Acquisitions (Integration)
Dell Inc. Round Rock, TX USA
Date of Visit: 19th December 2012


Anu Kohli is a senior corporate strategy consultant at Dell Inc in Austin, TX. In this capacity, she defined Dell’s response to emerging technology trends such as consumerization of IT, tablets & ultrabooks & cloud computing. She also handles the integration, acquisition of companies Dell acquires as part of its growth strategy (Mergers & acquisitions). Anu has an MBA from Univ of North Carolina, a top ranked US school, a masters degree in computer sciences, an undergrad degree in Chemistry from Delhi University & over 15 technology certifications.

Over the span of her 13 year career, she has held a wide variety of roles – she has been a finance controller responsible for a $650M segment PnL at Dell, a sales ops strategist at Dell, a technical program manager leading a team of over 15 engineers at Intel & a CRM consultant to the likes of Walmart & Travelocity. Her experiences span a wide spectrum of companies – ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 giants. Outside of work, Anu is an avid painter & she recently concluded a very successful exhibition of her paintings at a popular theatre in Austin.