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Mr. Muneesh Dutt, Trainer & Consultant Innovation, Creativity & Project Management

Asian Business School, Noida conducted a session on Mind maps for organizational efficiency by Manish Dutt on 4th November 2017 for PGDM students. The session gave an insight on something very contemporary and on new age decision making in project management. Mind mapping as a tool makes the project easier and more efficient. It harness intuition and connect ideas and concrete facts. In project management this helps to connect between discrete facts that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Our Industry expert decided to write a book on two subjects which he is extremely passionate about: Mind Maps & Project Management. The journey seemed long but as someone has said “A thousand miles journey begins with the first step” and a 30,000 words book must start with the first word…but no ..even before he penned down the first word for his book he worked on mind map. Answering the 5W and 1H question for each of the branches gave him sufficient clarity and much needed confidence to start his book “Mind Maps for Effective Project Management.”