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Country Head
Globe Capital Marketing Ltd.
Date of Visit: 25th July 2012

Kavee Kumar has been associated with the capital markets from past two decades and has been instrumental in many structural and environmental change which has happened in the capital markets in the past two decades He was one of the 1st few person who joined hands withIIT”ns to step up Indibulls Financial Services which became one thebiggest success story of India’s corporate history. He is visitingfaculty at many B schools and universities such as FMS, Delhischool of Economics, Fore School, Amity, CalcuttaUniversity, HinduUniversity, BananasUniversity and Delhi University.He appears regularly various Television Channels for his views on FinancialMarket which is widely followed and respected. Currently he is country head of Globe CapitalMarket Limited.

The largest clearing member of both the exchanges in which CITIbank has a stake.”

On 25th July 2012. He delivered a lecture on “Entrepreneurship Development”. He shared his experiences with the students as an entrepreneur. He highlighted on the skills that are required to be an entrepreneur. He emphasized on the role of an entrepreneur in economic development of the country and how each one of us can do it today as the economy is not a good phase. He made the session interactive by making the students part of the discussion. The lecture enlightened the students with the thoughts that are required for them to become an entrepreneur.