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Mr. Awais Sheikh
Mr. Awais Sheikh

Renowned Lawyer, Pakistan


Date of Visit: 16th August 2012
Mr. Awais Sheikh is a lawyer in Pakistan who is currently representing and campaigning on behalf of Mr Sarabjit Singh. He is also the President of the ‘Pak-India Peace Initiative’. This is a non-government organization. He is the author of ‘Samjhota Express’ which promotes peace between the two nations of India and Pakistan. This book is available in Hindi, Urdu and in English. He is currently in the process of writing a book about Mr. Sarabjit Singh’s ordeal to publicise the miscarriage of justice in Mr. Sarabjit Singh’s case. The title of this book is: ‘Sarabjit Singh a Case of Mistaken Identity’. That there are over 7,000 people facing the death penalty in Pakistan; Mr. Sheikh Advocate is willing to help them where he can and welcomes any contact from their families.