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Asian Business School, has organised a guest talk with Dr. Augusto Lopez-Claros, Executive Director and Chair of the Global Governance Forum. He is an international economist with over 30 years of experience in international organizations, including most recently at the World Bank.

The talk was on the topic “Economic Governance in the Post Covid World”. Sir started his discussion with how one country should invest in education rather than investing in army and safe guarding themselves from the neighbour countries, rather they should establish healthy relations amongst, so that no one would be needing their armies. He also shared his views on carbon emission and change in weather cycle, which again is something of utmost crucial concern for the countries where population is also rising very fast. Dr Claros. Further spoke about the poverty & inequality of income distribution among the class of society, and he emphasised that we must focus on improving the immunity & health of kids as malnourishment is one reason which actually takes the development of one nation years behind. In last sir has given his concern on the role & contribution of women in society that how educated women are also restricted from employment and even being well qualified they don’t contribute to the economic growth of the society. With all these wise words sir has open the stage for the students to ask queries to which he responded very enthusiastically and also shared all the knowledge which he is able to in such span of time. The session was very informative and full of knowledge.