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“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Short sentence filled with in depth learning. If analyzed, every quotation, principle, ideology laid by our father of Nation – Mahatma Gandhi reflects the charisma and personality that he himself owned i.e. “Simple Living- High Thinking”. Asian Business School in association with Mahatma Gandhi forum paid tribute to the matchless political leader who evolved the new technique of “Satyagraha” for the independence fight against British by celebrating 2nd October Gandhi Jayanti in advance on 29th September 2012. Students participated in this tribute with great vigor and enthusiasm. This tribute comprised of various creative and innovative modes of depicting Mahatama Gandhi’s life, from his childhood to his brutal end and sacrifice towards the welfare of nation and nation’s people.

To begin with, students found nothing better than a song dedicated to the indeed god’s gift to the mankind “ De di humein azadi bina kadag bina dhal Sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamala…”, followed by a short movie giving glimpse on Mahatama Gandhi’s ideology and principles of life and his valuable thoughts, synergized with rare pictures of Gandhiji. Students also shared their views on the “father of nation” in english followed by a short poem in our mother tongue hindi. A Role play “Munnabhai Gandigiri” was also enacted to add giggles and laughter to the event and at the same time making young generation aware about the values such as non-violence, truth, determination that can be implemented to make their life worth living.

This tribute on Gandhi Jayanti was concluded with our National Anthem, that no doubt bound all the audience present in ”The spirit of Oneness”. This devotion if evaluated will sound nothing in front of sacrifice and contribution laid down by Mahatma Gandhi but the commemoration brought the life of Mahatma and the spirit of Patriotism alive.