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ABS conducted the first cycle of its event “Brand Radiance” on Saturday, 8th September. True to its motto “Learning@Fun” , the event turned out to be a huge success and provided yet another platform to the students to showcase their talent while learning with fun. The event was hosted by students of the Marketing club “MarkTechos”.

“MarkTechos”. The event started with the formal “Lighting of Lamp of learning” ceremony and an addressal to the students by Dr.Lalitya Srivastava – The Director, ABS.
The theme of the event was “Marketing” and the students had formulated the entire event into a quiz and a game. The quiz consisted of 6 different rounds with five teams, each consisting of 3 contestants. Four teams were already selected as a part of the preliminary rounds conducted during the week and one team was picked random from the audience. The rounds were a mix of Audio Visual and named as “Pehchaan kaun”, “Logo Mania”, Tag me”,“Born-Ville”,”Abbreviations” and “Advertisements” in which students had to identify important people , brands, taglines etc related to marketing field.

As a part of quiz format, all unanswered questions by contestants were passed on to the audience in which they participated with great eagerness and ineterest. After the commencement of quiz rounds and declaration of the winners , the event moved on to the next segment which consisted of a game called “Tol Mol Ke Bol” in which audience had to guess the price of the products. The game turned out to be a huge crowd puller as students participated with a lot of enthusiasm and walked away with goodies. Overall, the event created an atmosphere of energy, vibrance ,a lot of interaction and proved as one of the stepping stones for learning for all.