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Asian Business School extends a warm welcome to the MBA aspirants from other colleges in its campus today. The institute wishes to play an important role in preparing the generation next for the challenges and opportunities that the MBA has to offer. In this series of nurturing their talent, two workshops were organized in the campus. First workshop was on the topic “Tips and tricks of Time Management”. The students were given a firsthand knowledge about the importance of time management. The stress that they undergo needs to be controlled through the use of the Time Management. If they are able to manage their successfully, they will be successful in cracking their CAT as well. They were taught to take ownership and responsibility to succeed in this examination.

The second workshop was on the topic “Career Prospects after MBA”. The workshop aimed at making aspirants aware about the avenues that open after doing MBA. They were enlightened on a number of topics.

They were given the first hand experience of the mock interview. These interviews were conducted by the Director (Branding) Mr. Saurabh Sharma and Director (Admissions) Mr. Gurdeep Singh Raina. The MBA aspirants were greatly benefitted as they were made aware about the current trend of the personal interview. This followed by the campus tour of the institute.