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Why students should work on building their leadership skills in college?

In the highly competitive workplaces of today, leadership qualities have become a must-have for anyone to succeed. Portrayal of good leadership qualities is an absolute must for anyone who wishes to move ahead in their career and wants a promotion or desires to move on to higher positions in the echelons of the corporate world. This is primarily because, as a leader, one is not only responsible for his/her actions, but also of those working for them.

To quote an  instance: Suppose an employee under you is not working properly, the question would not be raised at just him, but also at your ability to handle people under you. In addition, there are certain qualities and things that a good leader must demonstrate – such as, specific behaviors, attitudes, skills, etc. – that can act as an inspiration and benchmark for those under them.

That being said, a lot of these leadership skills and attributes can be really developed in college only, i.e. just before you step out into the professional world. Hence, in this article, we have discussed some reasons as to why one should focus on developing leadership skills while they are in college.

Let us look at one standard scenario in a college campus:

While in college, there are a lot of group projects and assignment wherein a group of students comes together to complete a set of tasks. And, conflicts often arise in such situations when the opinions or suggestions of two or more students do not match with another. Having a group leader in such scenarios is quite effective as he/she is someone who’s word shall have the final weight and they have to consider every parameter before taking the final call. Such instances help one to develop the understanding and also accept the fact they have responsibilities and their failure at carrying them out effectively will affect a wide range of people. They are no longer responsible just for themselves but also for those working in his team. And, if someone in the group is failing, they must understand the reason behind it and try to solve the problem with as little conflict as possible.

Briefly speaking, learning scenarios like these at the college level, helps the students develop a sense of responsibility, sharpens their problem-solving skills, builds their confidence, and teaches them the important lesson that a leader must be able to inspire. They also get to learn about the merits of networking, besides becoming familiar with being recognized. Last but not the least, these experiences when mentioned on their curriculum vitae,  empowers their resume by several notches.

In conclusion, it can be said that there are several opportunities for students understand the importance of developing and building leadership skills in college. The important thing to remember here is that when learning things for the first time, we all are bound to make mistake, but each one of them teaches us something new. However, there is no room for making any silly mistakes in a professional environment where there is so much at stake. Hence, the college provides the best learning ground for us to hone our skills, make mistakes and learn from them, and finally perfect the desired skills for ourselves.