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Tips to Prepare for PGDM Finance Jobs – Crack Your Placements like A Pro

PGDM finance jobs are the most pampering opportunities across the globe when it comes to a handsome paycheque and a great work-life balance. Be that as it may, one needs to hone up their skills in a variety of criterion to gain a good placement in PGDM finance.

To put it succinctly, the finance sector requires aspirants to have a set of basic skills like critical thinking capabilities, functional skills, and soft skills. Let us now take a look at each of these required skills in detail, along with tips to improve it and increase one’s possibility to clear PGDM Finance placement:

  1. Functional Skills

Placements in PGDM normally occur during November and December each year as per the standard routine. By that time, the interested candidates would have completed the majority of their marketing curriculum and are well-versed with concepts and theories. Perhaps, this is where the best is separated from the rest.

Ambitious students must consider doing in-depth research about the company, its products, and its financial performance from the beginning. In addition, they must keep an eye on all the products performing well in the market and determine the reason for failure for other products. They can also meet C&F or old dealers of the company for this information.

They are also advised to start revising old concepts from their books like Accounting for Managers, Managerial Economics, Business Statistics & Quantitative Techniques, Financial Management, Behavioural Finance, etc. If they manage to link the traditional concepts with the company’s products and performance, they would have a better impression than others.

Moreover, they must make sure that they have in them some key skills expected in a finance manager like commercial and business awareness, excellent hands-on practice of Advanced Excel and financial modelling, an analytical approach to work, high numeracy and sound technical skills, strong attention to detail and an investigative nature.

  1. Soft Skills

By definition, Soft Skills include small essential abilities such as grooming, preparing one’s resume, and maintaining top-notch conduct during the campus placements. Talking about the resume, it is surely worth noting that it only has a shelf life of 6 mere seconds!

That is why one needs to make sure that their CV doesn’t get included in a pile of trash by making it unique. They should try writing shorter sentences with to-the-point facts and highlight important points. Moreover, they should make sure it is not more than two pages at any cost.

Furthermore, while the majority of the placement interviews in PGDM Finance begin with the question “Tell me about yourself”, it is something that will decide the candidate’s fate in this industry. Other common questions include the traditional “Sell me this pen”, so one should make sure that they prepare for it in advance.

One should also take an active part in group discussions on trending topics and make sure that they keep a note of time while talking. Lastly, for the sake of one’s career, it is advised that they must not have a bad hair day. They should take a good haircut and consider getting a face massage if required, but they must make sure that they shine out in the placements.

  1. Critical Thinking

During their placement interviews, students will be asked a variety of general questions in a series. While students may think that they have a straightforward answer – that is not what the interviewers are willing to hear. So, students must consider treating every question critically and think out of the box for an answer.

There is no doubt that it can be a little bit hard at the beginning, but with consistent practice and dedication, students can tackle it easily during their placements. There are a variety of online aptitude tests that can allow one to assess their critical thinking capabilities, so one must make sure that they check them out as well.

Reading one newspaper regularly also makes sure that the aspirant is aware of the happenings around the world. Also, they can try checking out blogs based on finance-related topics in their spare time and develop a unique perception of several topics.

Bottom Line

Although it is certainly not a cakewalk to get selected in PGDM Finance placements, the lucrative salary and moderate workload are surely worth the efforts. With the tips stated above, students can make sure that they have an edge over their competitors and stand out during the placements.

The skills one prepares for their placements will not only help them in their professional life, but also make their personal life highly fledging and fulfilling as well. Therefore, one must make sure that they keep them in mind and reflect on the best version of themselves during the interview to increase their chances of being shortlisted.