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The Prestige and Benefits of a PGDM

PGDM qualification can have considerable clout relative to other similar diplomas and degrees. The initial appeal of a PGDM is typically career advancement and higher salary prospects, which, according to research studies are to be expected. In fact, respondents reported a 50 % pay increase upon graduating with a management qualification.

While this initial pay bump is exciting in its own right, PGDM holders’ salaries often continue to increase for many years beyond. In this recent study, it was found that the average PGDM graduate earned 80% more after five years.

Yet, more money and a better job title are not the only benefits of a PGDM qualification. Studies conducted by a leading business school recently created a list of five non-monetary reasons for business professionals considering a PGDM:

  1. New career paths: PGDM programs force introspection that helps students determine what matters the most. Not only can they solve business issues that are complex, but they might also decide to go in a completely different direction than they originally planned.
  2. A shared passion for business: In some PGDM programs, students remain with the same group of cohorts throughout the duration. By studying the same courses at the same time, students get to connect with people who share their interests. Moreover, it is easy to do in non-cohort programs, as well, because everyone who meets online or in-person has the shared goal of learning as much as possible about business administration.
  3. Increased collaboration: A good PGDM program simulates real-life business, regardless of its format (online, in-person, or a combination of both), meaning that most projects are completed in teams. Students also learn how to build teams of their own, which is a definite asset in the diverse, worldwide business economy of modern times.
  4. A holistic business education: Even if students decide to pursue a PGDM specialization, they benefit from the broad-based business administration courses that business schools typically require as core components of a management program.
  5. Improved communication skills: Students who push themselves to complete a PGDM program can find many opportunities to develop the way they communicate with others. Right from sending emails to working with online groups to giving oral presentations, the program is uniquely structured so that every student will learn how to get their ideas across in a more compact manner.

Another thing to consider is that PGDMs are in high demand with employers. This is turning out to be especially true in the rapidly unfolding new world due to globalization of businesses worldwide.

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