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Ten Key Facts About a PGDM Course That Makes It Most Relevant and Interesting

PGDM course comes with numerous learning curves, facts and teachings in its total duration of two years. The students are exposed to a variety of scenarios and teachings that make them great corporate personnel as well as competitive and successful professionals in various other capacities. The familiar and popular assumption is that the basic graduate degree in any discipline ought to provide the students with the basic mental building blocks, besides specialized training in the chosen field.

It is here that one ought to know that a PGDM course is slightly different and greatly relevant for the modern times. Offered below are some of the interesting facts about a PGDM course that makes them relevant for a promising future:

  • Interactive & Dynamic: Being a ‘practical’ program, the teaching methods for PGDM are interactive, and majority of the teaching is done through actual business case-studies and scenarios. For these, students have to prepare in advance and discuss in ‘real-time’ in the classrooms.
  • Continuous Learning: Here, one needs to constantly study, observe, analyze, communicate effectively and be diligent in their demeanor and in carrying themselves.
  • Development of Various Skills: PGDM program provides great learning in inter-personal behaviour. Most of the marks here are based on case studies and deals with human dynamics while instilling a competitive spirit. It teaches various other skills as well and believes in multiskilling the students in a big way.
  • Leadership: The program promotes leadership qualities, along with decision-making abilities in the students. It prepares individuals to go-ahead based on a set of assumptions and not just perfect facts or information. In effect, the PGDM program teaches you to become leaders and not mere followers.
  • Profitable Teachings: While doing their PGDM course, one effectively learns about cost-effective production, ability to market the products and services in competitive environments. This is done by creating differentiators for the customer and dealing with human beings at different levels.
  • Importance of Team Building: PGDM teaches you the nuances of team building by making one’s success dependent on others. This is a very important trait to succeed in the corporate world.
  • Prepares Well-Rounded Individuals: Emphasis of the PGDM program is on preparing well-rounded individuals with tools and techniques to go into the real business world well prepared and well-armed with relevant knowledge and skills.

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