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CAT 2018 – Tips to get above 99 Percentile in CAT

Are you a graduate and planning to take CAT 2018? In that case by now you must have completed the registration process. Well Common Admission Test (CAT) may be considered as a career-changing test that shall enable you to be a part of PGDM admissions 2019 in many premier Business schools.

It is just about the time the clock has started ticking and you certainly need to gear up your preparations. However, to score 99 percentile or thereabouts so as to secure a seat in premier B-schools is by no means an easy task. In addition to not preparing properly, most of us even become too anxious and stressful as the D-day approaches thereby making you wonder:

Whether is it possible to crack CAT exam in first attempt?

As to what all syllabus I need to cover?

How much hard work is required to make it to top B-School?

How much do I need to score to ensure a seat in a premier business school?

Well, cracking CAT in the first attempt is not only possible but, you can rank good as well. You just need to equip yourself with the right strategy with a plan to attempt maximum number of questions with a good level of accuracy. While structuring such a strategy, few tips that might be helpful are mentioned as below

  1. Syllabus

There is no specific syllabus for CAT with anything and everything under the ambit of general intelligence being asked in the test. The test can be categorized into three facets viz. Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Verbal Ability (VA) and Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LRDI). You need to focus on all the three areas more or less equally and even put in more hours in case you are not that good in one of the above mentioned areas. If you want your results to be in the top bracket, then you need to focus on all the three sections really well.

  1. Uniform time distribution

Your domain of knowledge may make you more comfortable with one particular section than the other. The question paper is designed in a way that it has uniform distribution of marks across all the three sections. So, it becomes necessary to open up yourself to other sections as well with almost same level of speed and accuracy.

  1. Time Bound practice

Scheming the time at your disposal to all questions is certainly going to be crucial. You are expected to get about 2.5 minutes for each question. Any indulgence into some questions that may be lengthy may take more of your time thereby reducing your chances of scoring well. Hence you need to develop the skills to judge the expected time to solve the question beforehand and that is going to be possible only in case you practice the mock tests thoroughly.

  1. Peer study group

If you want to shoot the stars, seek all possible help. You may form a small group, say of 3 or 4 and in case if it can compose of CAT aspirants from different disciplines, that might be better. At times, to firm up your concepts and quick fix your problems, your peer group can be of great help to you.

  1. Avoid making mistakes

Choosing an incorrect answer may cost you in two ways. On one side, you are merited negative marks and on the other, the time spent to solve that question has actually been lost. So, you should be cautious while doing calculations and marking your answers.

  1. Practice, Practice and Practice

In a common parlance, we believe that solving difficult problems will make us good for knotting down the easier ones. At times, following this approach may be a costly affair. You need to understand that CAT is not meant for doing a bull-fight. Rather to begin with, you need to practice simple questions or short puzzles and in due course of time, emphasize improving on speed and accuracy levels and that is only possible only by subjecting yourselves to practicing regularly. As far as the various sections of the test are concerned, practice in such a way that you further strengthen your strong areas and at the same time, you start improving on your weaker ones. For getting a good score in the test, there is no substitute for practicing the mock tests too often.

Over and above these tips, you can always customize the structure of your strategy considering your domain of knowledge, skill-sets and comfort zone. It would be advisable that you need not to panic during the preparation or in the examination hall. Your calm composure shall make you quick in thinking and will keep you away from making mistakes. Ultimately, you want to score well thereby making it easier for you to secure a seat in some of the premier business schools of the country like Asian Business School, Noida.