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With the Common Admission Test (CAT) and other MBA entrance tests around the bend, students have buck up with their examinations and a minute ago arrangements. In these last significant days, it is essential for each student to pursue a very much organized and structured plan, show up for mock tests and create few strategies to cross entrance tests with a high percentile. Here are few important things that every student must adhere to:

Plan your timetable, prepare accordingly and execute timely. Enjoy what you are doing and don’t worry about what you don’t know instead be confident of what you know. Learn simple, shortcut techniques and strategies as this will help you crack any question, no matter how difficult they are

Keep yourself motivated. Try to avoid people who are discouraging and de-motivating. Nothing in life is impossible to achieve. Determination and positive approach is required to achieve your dream.

Analyze yourself. Mark down your strengths and weaknesses. Once you mark down your weaknesses you can turn them into strengths in the exam point of view and to do so, it is advised to take as many mock tests as possible until you improve.

Be Focused. Focus and hard work are the two pillars on which your success will be built. Keep yourself reminding about your objective and you are definitely going to accomplish it with your diligence. Partition your preparation in smaller parts, keep checking your preparations intermittently by attempting mock tests and questions and afterward monitor your results to discover if your planning is going right way or not.

Practice hard. It is advised to practice hard as only learning chapters is not going to lead you anywhere. and moreover, final exam calls for answering questions, hence it is better to practice until you become perfect.

Rejuvenate yourself.  It is always suggested to exercise and keep your mind and body calm despite of your strict time table.

Time Management. As soon as you get the question paper you can have the following approach:
1. Take a quick look at all the questions
2. Select and mark those questions first which you are confident about
3. Start solving the paper with the questions from the ones marked above and then attempt others

Don’t Panic. On the exam day, don’t panic thinking about what you don’t know instead be confident of things you know and above all enjoy what you are doing.