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10 Lessons PGDM Students Get in 2 Years They Spend at ABS
  1. Positive Attitude: As a one of the top business schools in India, Asian Business School (ABS) believes in developing PGDM students in not only their skills, but also in development of positive attitude. Corporates today look for employees who have a positive approach to life and learning new things. 90% of the selection in companies is based on the right attitude. At ABS, students are groomed through various sessions on self-discovery and attitude trainings for preparing them on this parameter.
  2. Global Business & Culture: The Oxford Study Tour for all PGDM students at ABS provides them the knowledge of how business is different in different countries. It also gives them a learning about the culture of different countries when they meet students from different countries at Oxford Business College, U.K. ABS prepares global managers and business leaders.
  3. Employability Enhancement: PGDM program at ABS is essentially focused on skill development of students to enhance their employability. This is done through workshops in the various domains like advanced excel, marketing research, financial model building, etc. for honing the professional skills of the students and to make them more competent in their area of specialization.
  4. Practical Application: Practical exercises for hands-on experience in the subject area are included as an integralpart of teaching sessions targeted on skill development of the students. Asian Business School is one of the best B-School in Delhi-NCR in terms of the practical exposure it provides to its PGDM students through live projects, case studies, role plays, business quizzes, etc.
  5. Planning: PGDM students at ABS learn to plan their activities well aligned with objective of each activity. It starts from planning their studies as per the detailed lesson plans and session plans given by faculty of each subject. These plans contain the objectives, methodology and outcomes in terms of skill development for having an effective planning of teaching learning process based on outcome. Students are expected to come well prepared in class. PGDM students are involved in planning for various club activities, seminars, cultural fest and sports meet as student coordinators. This gives them an exposure of how things need to be planned as the first step of management.
  6. Presentation Skills: PGDM program at ABS is designed in a manner that every student learns to present his/her views and work effectively. Workshops on MS-PowerPoint and effective communication skills is a regular feature of PGDM program at ABS. Presentation opportunities are provided to students through class presentations, seminar presentations, SIP presentations and presentations at various external platforms. PowerPoint Templates are important features of these presentations.
  7. Industry Interaction:Effective industry interface is provided to students by way of live projects, research assignments and internships for increasing practical exposure in their respective specialization. Through these assignments the PGDM students at ABS come to understand the industry expectations and work culture.
  8. Personality Development: The exclusive Crafter Prodigy Program at Asian Business School is focused on the overall personality development of PGDM students. Individual Development Plans are prepared for each and every PGDM student at ABS based on their assessment done through various tools related to attitude, aptitude and personality tests. Crafters are the friend, philosopher and guide to the PGDM students who help them in achieving their goals.
  9. Teamwork: PGDM students get a lot of group assignments wherein they work in teams in order to achieve the desired outcome. There are club activities and various other events like Annual Fest Kesshet, Annual Sports Meet Athleema, etc. where PGDM students work in teams which helps in developing the team spirit among students.
  10. Leadership: At ABS, the focus is on developing leaders for the business world. PGDM students at ABS get ample opportunities to take initiative and come up with great ideas. They are taught about the essential qualities of leadership to develop them into role models for their teams. They are taught how to lead and manage change which is essential in today’s VUCA world of business.

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