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Self Motivation at Work

Self-motivation is a power that drives us to keep moving ahead. It encourages continuous learning and success regardless of the scenario. Self-motivation is a primary means of realizing our goals and progressing. With the PGDM 2014-16 batch students currently in their summer internships and PGDM 2013-15 batch placed in their respective jobs, following are a few techniques which can be followed for motivating one’s self in the workplace:

  • Keep the communication channels open: Communicating with someone can boost up your energy and get you back on track. Talk with optimistic and motivated individuals at your workplace. Find a mentor with whom you can share your thoughts and seek guidance.
  • Remain optimistic: There will be challenges that you will face in the workplace. Things may not always be comfortable. When facing hurdles, try and analyze what can be the possible solution. Don’t mope around and sulk. Instead, work out a way to make things better.
  • Keep a check on tasks accomplished: Maintain a success bar for the assignments you are currently working on. When you observe any progress, you will obviously want to foster it.
  • Be a good friend: Discuss and share your views and ideas with your friends and peers and support them in getting motivated. When we observe others performing good, it will keep us motivated too. Invite feedback from others on your achievements.
  • One step at a time: Keep in mind the tasks and assignments which have to be completed. Set a short time deadline for the achievement and accomplishment of each step so as to achieve bigger goal on time.

It is easy to grumble but challenging to find out what can be done to ensure that there are minimum reasons for complains. Find out reasons to stay motivated at the workplace instead of losing hope and whining. Keep motivating each other. We wish you all the best.