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Oxford, The City of Dreaming Spire, is famous in the world for its architecture and education. For over 800 years, it has been a home to royalty and scholars, and since the 9th century an established town. Nowadays, the city is a bustling cosmopolitan town also to a growing hi-tech community. Many businesses are located in and around the town, whether on one of the Science and Business Parks or within one of a number of residential areas.

With the PGDM 2013-15 batch all set to travel to Oxford Business College, UK from July 29th onwards for their week long educational tour, it will be good to know the following things which are integral to the culture and lifestyle in UK:

  • The United Kingdom is comprised of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It is important not only to be aware of these geographical distinctions, but also the strong sense of identity and nationalism felt by the populations of these four nations.
  • The terms ‘English’ and ‘British’ do not mean the same thing. ‘British’ denotes someone who is from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. ‘English’ refers to people from England. People from Scotland are ‘Scots’, from Wales ‘Welsh’ and from Northern Ireland ‘Irish’. Be sure not to call someone Welsh, Scots, or Northern Irish ‘English’.
  • Good manners are part and parcel of British culture. “Please” and “thank you” will go a long way. If you bump into someone on the street, do apologise.
  • Learn the Language: You don’t take the “elevator”; you take the “lift” Also, stand on the right side while using the lift. It’s your “mobile”; not your “cell phone.” You ask the location of “the toilets”, “loos”, “ladies’” or “gents’”, not “the restroom”. Small things which will come in handy while travelling to UK.

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