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Narration of Experience – Anish Kumar (PGDM 2016-18)


I Anish Kumar have done a PGDM Program at Asian Business School in 2016-18 batch. As mentioned and promised, there was an Educational Trip to Oxford, UK which was a part of my program. Finally I got the opportunity to visit Oxford, UK on 28thNovember 2018.  It was indeed a dream come true that I got a chance to visit Oxford, UK. Not everyone gets a chance to step on the land of gentlemen. All thanks to Asian Business School for making all the arrangements like tickets, arranging for Visa, accommodation at Travelodge Hotel, UK, setting up an itinerary for the entire weak and making all the monetary arrangements for the visit. Oxford is considered as Mecca for student and I felt the same when I experienced it through my consciousness. Thanks to Asian Business School, Noida and Oxford Business College, Oxford for giving me this opportunity to interact with different people and understand a different culture all-together. I take pleasure to share my whole some experience with the take away of my Educational Trip to Oxford.

I was in the 2nd group of PGDM 2016-18 batch at Asian Business School, Asian Business School that had to visit UK on educational trip. Fortunately, all my close friends were in my group itself. I was very excited to visit the land of education with all my friends. Before going to Oxford, our batch was divided into different groups and all groups were given a project topic. I was in group 4 and our topic was “Comparative analysis of Taste and preference of Customers towards Costa Coffee in India and the UK”.  This trip was indeed an educational trip and we had to do a survey in both the countries. So, our team gathered all the primary and secondary data through surveys and questionnaires in India. We had all the data of India and we need to find the data for the UK. Although, we collected secondary data for the UK beforehand but all secondary data validation could only be possible through data from primary research. Our team was excited that we would be doing an open survey in UK which means more positive interactions with the people in UK.

Narration of Experience – Anish Kumar (PGDM 2016-18)

Few days before the trip, we were provided with the tickets and passports by sponsored by Asian Business School. Also, our coordinators, Dr. Anu Nagpal Chopra and Mr. Nikhil Garg, instructed us with all important information and advice that we had to take care while visiting a foreign land. We were also told that we would be getting 20 pounds each day for 5 days for to take care of our food.

On 28th morning, I reached airport around 0600 hrs IST in the morning as our flight was scheduled for departure at 1015 hrs IST. Our batch gathered near gate number 7 and we entered airport around 0715 hrs IST. after check in and security checks we headed straight for the gate no. where our flight was scheduled. We boarded the flight around 0900 hrs IST. Since it was a connecting flight through Muscat, we knew that it will be a long journey to reach Heathrow airport. We reached Heathrow Airport around 1800 hrs GMT and waited for our bus to arrive at Airport. It was a very exciting moment standing on a foreign land with all of my friends. As our bus arrived, we boarded the bus, and reached our Hotel Travel Lodge, Pear tree street, Oxford in 2 hrs. Since, it was a tiring day, I decided to take full rest as I knew that next day, I am going to experience something exciting.

On 29th morning, after having a complimentary breakfast which was very healthy breakfast, our coordinators instructed us about the place and we started our journey with them. We were shared that we are free to take survey from anywhere in oxford. By evening we had to gather city centre by 1900 hrs GMT. Then our coordinators provided each of us with some pounds for managing our expense and we boarded the bus for George Street, Oxford from nearby bus stop of Pear Tree Street. After reaching George Street, we started with our surveys and we were supposed to do it by 1900 hrs GMT. After that our team decided to make 3 sub teams and to do survey at different locations. I joined with my team mate Mr. Ayan Baidya to do survey near any Costa Coffee outlet. While searching for an outlet, we roamed about each and every corner of Oxford, visited many streets and finally we reached the outlet near WestGate mall. It was very amazing experience exploring different localities and colleges in Oxford which I shall cherish throughout my life. We met some very good and interesting people while doing our survey outside the Costa Coffee outlet. We were fortunate enough to complete our set of survey and after that we explored more of Oxford. I was really amazed to see that people in Oxford are so friendly and humble. They respect their culture but in the other hand they also welcome gratefully, people from other cultural background. It was really amazing to see these things. After the survey, we reached city center around 1900 hrs GMT and returned Hotel around 2030 hrs GMT. Then our group compared and analysed the data and we prepared our presentation to be presented at Oxford Business College.

On 30th morning, after having the breakfast and collecting pounds, we started early as we had to reach the college in time. We reached college around 0900 hrs GMT and we were welcomed warmly by the college principal and other staffs. They had a legacy of 30 years which was astonishing to know. Then, the eminent professors of Oxford Business College, Mr. David took lectures to impart some useful knowledge regarding the difference in culture and change and how does this affect marketing and brand. Also, we were given a good lecture by Mr. Philip who showed us a different view of understanding the difference between a job and a career. After the Lectures, our batch, as different groups were placed in two different rooms where presentations had to take place. In our room, we had Mr David and Ms. Alice as well as our coordinator Mr. Nikhil Garg as the eminent listeners. We had a wonderful presentation where I was praised for the Presentation slides made by me as well as my presentation skills. We were also told where we lacked a bit so that we may take care of the same in our future endeavors. After the presentations, we had a convocation ceremony in the hall where most of the college representatives were present. We were introduced to Mr. Padmesh Gupta, MD of the college and principal of the college Ms. Garry awarded us with the certificates. After that, the college hosted a lunch for our batch in a nearby restaurant and we had an amazing Indian food. After we forbid Good bye to the college representatives, we decided to visit Bicester village, a nearby place of interest.

Trip to Oxford was once in a lifetime experience. We even visited many places in London. My favorite out of them was London Eye. I sincerely thank Asian Business School, Noida as well as Oxford Business College, Oxford for arranging such a wonderful educational trip The benefits drawn were endless. To start with the entire trip was well organised and managed by Asian Business School.  I don’t hesitate sharing that the onus of taking the complete responsibility of this trip goes to Asian Business School. ABS to the responsibility of arranging the meetings for visa, making the payments for the same, getting our tickets, paying for our tickets, arrangements for worth praising accommodations inclusive of its payments, arranging for the itinerary for each day, setting our schedules, sending us with such worthy and knowledgeable faculties who guided at each point, going for a tie up with Oxford Business College so that we may  get an opportunity to present our projects at Oxford.  We got a chance to experience a different atmosphere of education in a place know for its colleges throughout the world. I thank all my batch mates, group mates and sincere thanks to our Faculty Coordinators, Dr. Anu Nagpal Chopra and Mr Nikhil Garg for guiding us in the best possible way so as to enjoy once in a lifetime experience to its fullest.