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ABS PGDM International study trip to Oxford 2017 – a narration of experiences

An unparalleled experience unfolded for the ABS PGDM students on their International Study trip to Oxford in 2017.

Oxford having a skyline of domed theatres, dreaming spires and college gargoyles spoke to them of culture, history, and tradition. Gaining an insight into the history of the fascinating and majestic Christ Church College, one of Oxford University’s largest colleges, the Great Tudor Hall and Cathedral and the life of those dedicated to learning from the 13th century, was a humbling experience.

The awesome learning at Oxford Business College during ABS PGDM program’s international study trip to Oxford in 2017 will remain an unforgettable experience in many minds. A two and a half hour drive from Oxford brought the students to London which they discovered to be, one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world-striding undeterred with confidence and elan, wrapped up in its rich history. To be in the land where royalty still exists was an experience in itself as a visit to the Buckingham Palace with a glimpse of the home and office of the reigning Monarch, was high on their list. Soaking in the atmosphere at Buckingham, strolling through the impeccably maintained gardens at the Palace, walking into the 19 staterooms to get a peep at history was a dream come true. The other attractions at London proved to be top entertainment for students. One wouldn’t think that a Ferris Wheel could be fun but when it was the London Eye, it took on a whole new dimension, as it gave a spectacular view of the city. Ambling through the Diagon Alley,created by the Warner Bros Studio, a connection with the magical boy Harry Potter sprung to life for most of his ardent fans, leaving behind an indelible experience to carry back home. From Piccadilly Circus to Borough Market and from Big Ben to the Tower of London, gorgeous expanses of green dotting the metropolis, the famous Hyde Park, Regent Park and several museums, London was amazingly unforgettable!

Returning home to India, students articulated their unbelievably enjoyable experiences in the following ways:

“I think I have had the best time of my life in Oxford and London. I have really no words to share my experience about this adventure trip with lots of memories. I had captured loads of memories and took all with me which I would cherish for my whole life. With this trip I engaged myself with a totally different culture and also saw that UK people also have love and affection for India. Seriously this kind of trip would never be possible again. I would like to thank ABS for such an opportunity. I have been missing each and every single moment spent there with all my colleagues since the day I came back. Hope will go back there again with the joy more than this.
Thank you.” …Piyush Bhargava

“‘It was an awesome learning and a wonderfully memorable experience to be at Oxford business college. I learnt so many things while during the survey in the international market and then gave the presentation at the College in Oxford. I am so grateful to Asian Business School which provided me with such a memorable opportunity which I shall never forget my entire life. I am really thankful to all Faculty members who always gave support at every step of my journey at ABS”……Mohit Grover

“The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them”.Roy T. Bennet…. and london trip was my dream and ABS made my dream come true.
………….Gunjan Sharma

“The study trip to Oxford was the most memorable trip of my educational journey. I have learned many things there and enjoyed a lot with my batch mates. It was a nice experience interacting with people and faculty at Oxford business college.

I would like to thank you for the successful completion of the International business project presentation at Oxford business college. Thank you Asian business school for this memorable trip.”
………Ankit Mishra

“I have had the best time at Oxford/London. There are no words to describe this international study trip, and seriously I have made a lot of memories which I would cherish my entire life. I know trip like this would never be possible again and I would like to thank ABS PGDM for such an opportunity. I have been missing every single moment spent there since the day I got back.”

“It was one of the best experience of my life to visit London and Oxford business college along with such experienced and helpful faculty who provided 24/7 support to all the students.
We also gained a lot of learning from the people of London, the difference of culture between India and UK, improved my conversation skills which is ultimately going to help me in my career.
If I talk about the experience of Oxford business college , I didn’t feel any difference among the environment and the faculty of both Asian Business School & Oxford Business College as the faculty of both the institutions provided great amount of learning and education to me as well as other students and welcomed each of us with open hearts.”
…………Lakshit Kumar

“The Educational tour to Oxford, London, in Sept 2017, was a wonderful experience for me, with the rich, historical background, imposing architecture, helpful faculty and the buoyant company of fellow batch mates, it was all to cherish for life.

Observing a different sort of sensitivity, Intelligence, and diligence in the people there has certainly given me an exposure that will help me to work harder and take better decisions towards my goal. One Last thing mam you were truly awesome back there, took care of us like a mother and a teacher .You ensured that we had a good time backed us up well, so we were able to enjoy more and bring back a lifetime of experience.”
…………….Vaibhav Shukla