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PGDM is the abbreviation for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. It is related to the teachings of Master’s of Business Administration on a higher level and in a more practical way. In a developing country like India where new companies are coming up every day, it is very important for companies to hire people of the highest calibre and proficiency. Amidst the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, quite a few experts are of the view that the post-pandemic world will see a huge rise in start-ups simultaneously creating a huge demand for fresh management graduates that can stand tall in the changed market scenario.

In contrast to MBA which is quite common these days, one can see a lot of young individuals moving towards the PGDM program which is the upgraded and a more relevant version of MBA. Historically speaking, a person holding a PGDM is more likely to score a higher position in a company because of his practical acumen. This is true because of the skill-set imparted and diversified teaching methods used in PGDM curriculum that make it truly industry oriented. If we talk about the future, as soon as the market opens up after the lockdown, it is expected that the corporate world will start to look out for managers with diverse skill sets further enhancing the relevance of a PDGM program because during this program the graduates develop the right skills that make them more suitable for coping up with the changed environment and also empowers them to use those skills to their maximum potential.

Presented below are the top 5 ways PGDM skills can promote inclusion and diversity in the corporate world once the pandemic gets over:

PGDM is and will always be an industry-oriented program

Due to the autonomous nature of the institutions that offer PGDM programs, the curriculum is always industry-oriented and as the industry is changing amidst this Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic so is the pedagogy of these institutions. An individual holding a PGDM today will be fully equipped to cope with the dynamic environment that is soon to come because he/she will already be in close proximity with the leaders and corporations already riding this change.

Practical approach

In many ways, PGDM is among those programmes that are designed for practical usage – i.e., the students not only learn theoretical knowledge of the concepts but they also get to apply those principles in real-life situations as well. What better course during these changing times!

Preference for higher studies

Companies in India and abroad are inclined to prefer candidates of PGDM over MBA for managerial positions because of the very nature of the course. The PGDM graduates are more adaptable and dynamic.

Faculty with industry exposure

Since PGDM is a postgraduate course, the faculty who teaches these subjects are generally among the best people in their field of work. Thus, most of the faculty members that you see here would be people with a lot of industry exposure. This breaks the convention of teaching and brings out the best in both the students and teachers as they groom the students using their personal experience and practical knowledge of the industry.

Job-related skills

In modern times, the practical knowledge received by a student happens to be the most important factor in his/her journey towards success. And, a PGDM course ensures just that. Besides, as the times change so will the teaching pattern in a PGDM course. It will be modelled to become more in sync with the market and will prepare the students for actual jobs. The skill-set they will take away will go a long way in their journey towards success and achievements.