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Asian Education Group conducted the industrial visit on 11-4-16; the students visited Mother Dairy Plant, Parparganj, New Delhi. Students were extended a warm welcome by the experienced member of the Mother Dairy. She showed the operations that were done in the plant, which happens to be the biggest plant in Asia as well.

Students were shown a video about how Mother Dairy came into existence and its contribution in the white revolution. They also came across the four important stages adopted by mother dairy to ensure quality milk such as – clarification, homogenization, pasteurization and standardization.

Asianites were engaged in the interactive session wherein they got an opportunity to learn about the operations, marketing and distribution strategies adopted by Mother Dairy. They got an insight view of the process of ice-cream production. They also learnt about the of the tankers and how they are weighed and tested at the time of arrival and departure. They enjoyed this excursion and were updated on a number of issues related to dairy products.