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Importance Of Practical Exposure In MBA/PGDM Can Never Be Underestimated!

In modern times, the definition of a good management college largely depends on its ability to offer practical exposure. Therefore, top management colleges in India focus entirely to create industry-ready employable candidates by providing practical platforms like internshipsindustry-visits & corporate conclaves. Thus, in these times of cut-throat competition where everyone strives hard for a successful career, practical exposure turns out to be of prime importance.

Benefits of Practical Exposure to MBA/PGDM Students

  • Builds Confidence: More often than not, fresh graduates with no work experience aspire to pursue an MBA/PGDM degree to fulfill their management career aspirations. With practical exposure like internships & industry visits, they get just that chance to experience how corporate works in real life which in turn builds their confidence in no small measure.
  • Networking: Working as an intern opens up the door for aspiring management students to meet & know new people. These new acquaintances, if handled well, can turn out to be their potential mentors, professional references or prospective employers.
  • Build Skills, Enhances Knowledge: Handling a practical project involves the students to perform many tasks & responsibilities. It may require them to learn new skills & acquire additional knowledge. In the process, they end up mastering new skills & polishing the existing ones.
  • Strengthen the Foundation: It is a well-known fact that we learn more by doing & experiencing. This is because our brain is more likely to retain the information gained by doing things in real life. Hence, when students apply the concepts learned in their classroom to the real world, it penetrates deeper & of course, they would never be able to wipe it off, ever.

An aspiring management student may be the topper of his/her class, their theoretical concepts may be in place, and they may think it’s enough. But, one needs to think again. Competition is merciless … to stand out, students must know how to apply their knowledge to come up with practical & innovative solutions. And, it is here that practical exposure vis-a-vis internships can truly empower them to put their theoretical knowledge into action!