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How to not let Coronavirus affect your Career & Growth

Jack Canfield – the American author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur – gave this success formula in a simple format that has been known to humans for centuries:


Events + Responses = Outcome

This is perhaps most relevant today in our Fight and Survival from the Coronavirus and also to MBA/PGDM students to save their career and growth during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hence, the outcome will be 100% negative if we keep on blaming the virus. In that case, what is the use of blaming the virus for stopping your career growth? As an individual, can you control the COVID situation? The world is getting continuously impacted by the COVID effects on health, the economy, and our social structure.

It has always been known to humans that we cannot control the events. Still, we spend most of our time blaming and complaining about the events. How many times you have heard students saying about getting fewer marks because:

  • the question paper was out of the syllabus
  • a teacher was partial
  • someone in his/her family was not well and

100+ excuses for work not done to their satisfaction!

In the current crisis where everyone is scared for their lives, we spend most of our time blaming things outside of us – viz., Coronavirus, China, specific communities/countries for not taking proper care and spreading it, the state of economy, or the current conditions. Whatever it is, we always tend to blame something outside of ourselves.

Some even complain about the Year 2020 and say this is the worst year in their life! Most of us read about the virus and the number of people getting affected and get disturbed.

But, What Successful People don’t do is Complain, Blame and Make Excuses!

Hence, when we know the Event is not in our Control then what should we do for Positive results and Outcomes?

It is our response to the event that will decide our Positive or Negative outcome.

So, if we keep on blaming the event and do not prepare ourselves with the Specific Skills required for success, we will not get the results that we want. Instead, with so much time we can focus on Growth and upgrading our skills.

How can we change our response?

  1. Decide your Life Goal and Write it down: Research done at Asian Business School (ABS) shows that people who have written Life goals are able to achieve them 8 times more than the people who have no written goals for themselves. Do you wish to leave your life on Game of Chance or want to take control of the response? Do you wish to achieve what you truly deserve or what you really want to achieve? So, the first step is to write down your career goals and specific growth plan during these COVID-19 times.
  2. Don’t waste Time: Time is fixed with us. Per day we all have 24 hours and it will go away if not used productively. So, maybe one hour less of Netflix and one hour more of learning new skills will give you the desired results.
  3. Read One book every week for life: It would only take 45 minutes per day for 7 days to read one book. Right now it’s the right time to develop this habit to read one book a day. Just think, when someone has spent 2-3 years writing about his life and success, we can in less than 30 hours read about it and learn from his success and experiences! This is the cheapest and surest way to be successful. In research done at ABS, we found that 100+ CEOs and Business Owners who read 1 book per week are more successful than others!
  4. Divide your life into small parts: Health, Knowledge, Family or whatever 4-5 areas are most important to you – improve your response in each of the parts by just 1% per month. This small improvement every month will make your life-quality 100% better in 5 years or less with compounding effects.
  5. Act, and don’t just keep planning: Ideas are everywhere; the difference between success and nothing is Action. Therefore, act on what you have decided and planned. Your action will lead to the career goals which you have planned. Moreover, Growth planning will help your future to grow more during and after this pandemic.

The above 5 are just the starting points. You need to decide yourself on what Responses you need to take up for the Outcome that you want.

But for success, take up this Principle:

I will not Blame, Complain or Justify and will take 100% Responsibility for my Responses!

So, if an MBA/PGDM is your life path to success, don’t waste your time blaming the virus. Go for the best management institution possible for your success and just have faith in the institution and yourself. Put in all your efforts towards success and don’t waste the year in just thinking and waiting!