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How to manage your career during the corona virus outbreak?

The exponentially rising unemployment rates across the globe signals that the virus is not the only deadly force during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. No doubt, it is easy to get lost in the chaos of the new work-from-home routine and disintegrating business opportunities, but that path is destructive in the final analysis. Hence, in 2021 (as in 2020), it is crucial to learn not only how to manage your career during the corona but also how to improve upon it.

Research the Situation

It may feel like the whole world is in shambles now, but the only way to stop the panic about the situation is to look for solid facts and data. It is important to remember that the information bubble that we usually reside in is tailored to our location or demographic. Therefore, the opinions and views in it sometimes fail to correctly represent the larger picture of an issue.

To understand the global perspective clearly, one needs to research about the coronavirus pandemic by oneself. It does not necessarily mean that one will derive more positive attitudes from their research. But it can definitely help them get a grip on their career by decreasing the overall stress that they may have over the outbreak.

Set New Goals

Once one gets familiar with the situation, it is perhaps the right time to start exerting control over it. They should examine their current assets, position, and goals. They should identify the areas that concern them the most. Perhaps they feel insecure about their financial standing and fear losing their job. Maybe one was in the middle of changing their career when the quarantine began. Once they correctly understand their situation, they will be able to determine what they need to do to remedy it.

Besides, setting goals helps one to stay focused and composed. In addition to making one feel better, having a clear objective and direction makes them attractive to other people, particularly during these times. Shifting from a passive to an active mindset can help improve one’s relationships with colleagues and aid them on the way to leadership positions.

Learn How to Work Remotely

Suddenly, working efficiently from home is the skill that thousands of people have come to need. Although for many it is a necessity to keep their jobs, learning how to work online is an especially beneficial investment of time for anyone. The coronavirus crisis has already changed the world, and it is fair to expect that many coding, writing, and other office jobs will partially migrate to the cloud.

Due to the lack of working space and mindset, work from home can be challenging for many. The two steps below will briefly discuss how one can shape a routine that will keep them in the loop.

Draw a Line between Work and Rest

One of the pitfalls of remote work is its tendency to chip away at one’s personal life. It is easy to start feeling guilty about spending time not working, and extend one’s shifts far beyond the usual eight hours. While it may feel like one is getting more work done, overworking will eventually start damaging their productivity. Hence, it is essential to set clear hours for work, breaks, and well-deserved rest.

Learn the Technology

One may have never heard of the applications Slack, Zoom, Jira before, but now is the time to take full advantage of them. The common mistake that many people make is approaching remote work as they would in the normal office setting, disregarding technologies for conferencing and teamwork.

Hence, to facilitate an effective working process, one must master the technology that can advance the communication with their team members or employees. Here, software that can help organize the workflow and keep track of objectives and results is also essential.

Assess Your Career Plan and Learn Something New

Undoubtedly, the lockdown is extremely inconvenient and financially damaging to many businesses. But, this is also the period when one might have extra time to invest in their other ventures besides the primary job. So, if you have been planning to change your career for a long time, putting it off because of the coronavirus outbreak might not be the best decision. Also, since the situation is changing rapidly, it is impossible to reliably predict when the quarantine will end and whether it can be instilled again.

Therefore, one must assess how much time they can spare and devote it to learning or planning. They should research their desired field and industry, write a business plan, or take some of the widely available online courses. Online education is particularly accessible during the pandemic, as many platforms decrease or eliminate fees for courses and certificates that one can earn.

Wrapping Up

Managing one’s career throughout the COVID-19 pandemic crisis can be overwhelming. In order to stay sharp and focused, one must research the situation properly, determine their career goals prudently, and set up a routine appropriately. For all one knows, one of the hardest things during the lockdown is to stay busy and resist the passive atmosphere that remaining at home might instill. So, instead of waiting the crisis out, one must take advantage of the available time and an increased number of learning opportunities to not just maintain their career but also advance it. This would perhaps be the best way to manage your career during the corona.