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How Learning Has Been Rebooted in Higher Management Education

Higher management education has witnessed a radical transformation in a matter of months due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Technology in the education sector has become an intrinsic part of the new normal. This paradigm shift in the education sector has boosted the overall learning process. For management students, online learning has made them wonder about the different trends and opportunities evolving in the field of education in the coming years.

As a response to the COVID 19 challenge, colleges and universities have revised the courses and subjects offered to students in order to facilitate learning that aligns with the skills required in the upcoming job market. The digital market space has taken another sharp upward turn and has evolved faster than ever before with new powerful sectors leading the pack. Different fields like data analytics, remote management, digital business, technology advancements among others have created even more demand for jobs. Asian Business School (ABS) has started offering subjects which foster alignment with the required skill sets in the job market.

In fact, Asian Business School understands the requirement of the market and imparts the necessary tools that will have value additions in present as well as in future. Thus, all ABS students also get a unique opportunity to earn the following 6 Diplomas & Certifications along with the regular PGDM:

  • Executive Diploma in International Business from Oxford Business College, Oxford – London (U.K.)
  • Executive Certification in Digital Marketing from NIIT
  • Executive Certification in Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence from NIIT
  • Diploma in Media & Entertainment from Asian Academy of Film & TV
  • Certification in Entrepreneurship from EDIC
  • Certification in Corporate Communication

In the current business world where everything is heavily dependent on data, analytics has become one of the powerful tools for the success of any organization. Considering this scenario, ABS in collaboration with NIIT – the multinational training company which offers training & development programs to corporations, institutions & individuals in Digital Transformation & IT – has started offering an ‘Executive Certification in Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence’ programme to its PGDM students that would allow the ABS PGDM students to not only become Big Data analytics certified professionals and stay ahead in the curve of advanced data management and analytics but also, this certification would open a whole world of new age career opportunities for its students!

Again, acknowledging the growing importance of ‘Digital Marketing’ as one of the most useful and essential skill for any management professional these days, ABS in collaboration with NIIT is offering an ‘Executive Certification in Digital Marketing’ program that would enable the students to understand how digital marketing can help in the growth of a business. Some of the programme learning outcomes of this Certification include getting a clear understanding of the fundamentals & importance of Digital Marketing; learning how to effectively manage social media, online advertising & marketing campaigns; understanding the  various methods of promoting business online; driving the new traffic to a website while improving online conversion rates; understanding how digital marketing can help grow a business, domestically and internationally; creating and developing effective and targeted email marketing campaigns that aligns with business goals; understanding the concept of Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing; measuring and analyzing the visitor traffic to a website to continuously develop and improve digital marketing; understanding the concept of Search Engine Optimization in detail; getting a clear understanding of YouTube Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and much more. Thus, apart from enabling the students to learn how to analyze the online data and various other aspects related to it, this certification would open of world of new career opportunities for the students!

Another additional diploma earned under the PGDM programme at Asian Business School is the ‘Diploma in Media & Entertainment’. Offering a judicious mix of the education with the basics of business administration and elements of media production, this additional Diploma course emphasizes on the technical, artistic as well as the business aspects of print journalism; radio & television production / broadcasting; film making / distribution / exhibition and multimedia production for the internet. Offered in collaboration with the Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT) – a leading film school located in India’s Noida Film City in the National Capital Region – the course is so designed that it gives rise to future professionals, rather than mere ‘degree holders’, while keeping in mind the needs of industry where the students could ultimately find employment and therefore have a completely different approach to learning.

With a view to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among its PGDM students, Asian Business School offers an additional ‘Certification in Entrepreneurship’ from its in-house Entrepreneurship Development & Incubation Centre (EDIC) as one of its collaborative programs under PGDM course curriculum. EDIC aims to enable the students to be more creative and self-confident in taking rational risk in starting an enterprise and encourage innovative business start-ups and facilitate them through research and consultancy. EDIC conducts Entrepreneurship Development Programmes for developing entrepreneurial skills enabling students to take up entrepreneurship as a career choice. It also organizes guest lectures, Awareness Camps, Seminars & Workshops, Quizzes and Business Plan Competitions for entrepreneurship development. The incubation centre assists entrepreneurs with documentation, marketing and recruitment as well as in conducting survey on entrepreneurial opportunities, industry requirements and market potential of the region. Thus, ABS PGDM students stand a fair chance to become responsible and enterprising individuals who have the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the goals they set for themselves!

“Communication”, it is said, “is the key to success!” Today, when in the competitive business world and developing economies around the world, effective communication skills has become more essential than ever before, a powerful insight into the way communication works in the corporate world is the need of the hour. And, it is in response to this need that Asian Business School offers its students another additional diploma, namely ‘Diploma in Corporate Communication’.  Offered in-house, this diploma enlightens the students on such skills and concepts like Effective Verbal Communication, Personality Development, Enthusiasm, Self-Awareness,  Self-Motivation & Self Esteem, Building Confidence & Fighting Fears, Goal Setting & Time Management, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Anger Management, Stress Management, Interpersonal & Assertive Skills, Working in Teams, Effective Decision Making Skills, Impression Management, Listening Skills, Resume Writing & Group Discussions, Mastering Interviews, Corporate Communication, Cross-Culture Training and many more.

As an icing on the top – to augment the cross-cultural learning experience of the PGDM program, Asian Business School (ABS) organizes an international study trip to Oxford, UK, for all its students every year. This comes as a part of the ABS PGDM core curriculum. And, in keeping with the ABS PGDM course curriculum mandate, our PGDM students earn an ‘Executive Diploma in International Business’ at the completion of their study trip to Oxford Business College, Oxford, London (U.K.). This international diploma is offered in conjunction with the other diplomas. Thus, the Oxford Study Program is designed to give students the opportunity to earn Executive Diploma in International Business while residing in Oxford, UK. Along with classroom study, the Oxford Program includes participation in project work and on-site visits to historical and cultural venues in Oxford and London, UK.

Looking into the future:

Looking ahead to a time when colleges and universities would re-open, there are higher chances of integration of analytics and technology into the course curriculum. As management students, it is important that we think through and analyze what is happening around us and how we can create opportunities for ourselves and harness these changes to the best for our learnings for a better future.