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Entrepreneurship Tips for Management Students

As per studies conducted worldwide, it has been found that an MBA or PGDM degree can give B-school students at least 4 important tools that they may need to be a successful entrepreneur.

 1. Unlocking of ‘Ideas’

An MBA or PGDM programme is perhaps one of the best places for new entrepreneurs to take the plunge and begin their new business ambitions. While it has been found that a whopping large number of students actually began their new business while still enrolled in business school, it has also been established that several entrepreneurs owned their own business before enrolling in school for seeking skills to enhance their existing company.

 2. An opportunity to ‘Do What You Love’

The age old concept to “follow your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life” holds good for business school graduates. It has been found that a large number of graduating student entrepreneurs said that following their passion was the primary reason for starting their own business. An MBA or PGDM degree can give a student the skills they will need to take that passion and make it a business.

3. A chance to ‘Gain Skills’

As per its core course curriculum, there can be no doubt that an MBA or PGDM programme provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the requisite skills to establish their own business or to grow an existing business. Most of the management graduates who came from a business background, said that business school helped them to lead their company and helped them to grow their business as well. Again, a large number of them said that their business school helped them to develop an idea into a business.

 4. A platform to ‘Develop New Business Ideas Across Industries’

Entrepreneurs are known to start businesses in all industries. One of the big reasons is that, an MBA or PGDM programme can introduce business professionals to various industries and can also teach them methods to improve market research in these industries.

Asian Business School’s PGDM Program prepares the next generation of world leaders through a rigorous, stimulating business and management curriculum based on a global perspective, industry demand, and leadership preparing graduates with the skills they need to pursue the career they want.

Recently, as part of the Leadership & Entrepreneurial Aspiration Development (LEAD) Series, Asian Business School (ABS) – which is a constituent of Asian Education Group and is ranked as one of the best B-schools in Delhi NCR – hosted Mr. Shivi Singh, Founder & CEO ClearDekho on Thursday, 18th July 2019. Mr. Shivi Singh delivered an engaging Guest Lectureunder the LEAD Lecture Series at Asian Business School (ABSwherein he shared first-hand experience of his entrepreneurial journey and also provided success tips to the new batch of ABS Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) students.

He suggested that students should be open to work in ‘start-ups’ as it provides them an early opportunity to lead a project with a sense of responsibility and ownership that in turn makes them work hard to achieve their very own success. Here, he cited the proud example of how an ex-student of ABS PGDM, Mr. Rahul Srivastava, who had got selected to work in his nascent organization a few years before, is now leading his entire department with great success. He also advised them not to consider ‘money’ as an all important factor but to consider ‘challenges’ as the main spur for long term success.

Thus, entrepreneurship is surely one of the best options that management students can explore – and, to become successful in that venture, a course in MBA or PGDM from one the top MBA/PGDM colleges like Asian Business School will surely help them in acquiring the requite skills and thereby fulfilling their dreams!