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Effective Methods to Choose your Desired Business School

According to the majority of the MBA/PGDM aspirants, starting salaries determine the business school that students would choose. In this context, B-schools climb for reporting impressive salaries. Most often, students tend to forget that post-MBA/PGDM, starting salaries of students are commonly dependent on their capabilities and background.

Even the leading B-schools possess a big disparity between their lowest and highest salaries. However, students will get their answers that are hidden in their backgrounds. It is also important for them to observe the “delta of improvement” which the school has managed to bring forward.

Some thoughts related to the matter of choosing an MBA/PGDM school are as follows:

Alignment: MBA/PGDM students must keep this in mind that not all the MBA/PGDM programs that students come across would be able to align with their career goals. Again, only some will put effort into personalizing the learning – like the flagship PGDM program offered by Asian Business School (ABS), Noida that has open electives/certifications for specific sectors of tourism, retail, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. So, while you select the ideal MBA/PGDM program for yourself, you must begin by mapping both your desired outcomes and profiles with each B-school’s offerings.

Faculty & Curriculum: As students differ from one another, so are schools. There is a big difference in the manner in which B-schools teach, the method of teaching, and lastly, who they teach. For example, Harvard University utilizes case studies in all the classes. Other schools possess presentation-driven and faculty classes. A few reputed schools make use of computer-aided multimedia simulations due to the manner in which they copy the actual corporate world. Hence, it can be said that all the students have got their preferred method of learning and there is no method in which it can be learned without experiencing it beforehand. So, before students proceed further and decide what is ideal for them, they must sit in the actual class and observe whether or not the method of teaching excites or engages them. In addition, students must remain mindful that faculty plays a vital role in their learning experience and so, they must go through their profiles very well to get an idea of how they are going to explain the significance of global business.

Global Jobs: Many B-schools have excellent domestic placements and a reputed business school like Asian Business School (ABS), Noida does help students to attain global internships and global placements. They can accomplish this job properly due to a worldwide network comprising corporate and alumni partners that create both internships as well as full-time worldwide opportunities for all the students. Hence, when you select an MBA/PGDM school, you have to keep in mind whether you wish to work in India or abroad.

Peer Group: Students must also observe the diversity in the classrooms and whether there are students from various nations. Additionally, they must also see if students hail from different industry verticals or backgrounds. Diversity in the classroom has become hugely helpful in bringing in optimistic learning results because learning occurs over discussions and in student groups both in as well as outside the class. The MBA programmes of the USA have got a regular in-class work experience of seven years. On the contrary, Indian business schools do report a regular in-class work experience of only 1.5 years. Most often, IIMs are criticized for the shortage of diversity in their classrooms because an impressive CAT score isn’t always the finest indicator of the quality of a student.

Support: You must also see whether the Dean of the college is accessible when you need an assistance of any kind. It is pretty natural for students to stumble in their journey of MBA/PGDM and during these moments, they will require a school which proposes timely nurturing, support and care. It does not matter whether you are a powerful tech enthusiast or a budding entrepreneur, you must see that your school has been nurturing you. If you need an entrepreneurship club that you wish to join or a Blockchain/Neuroscience lab where you would be able to set your desired start-up’s foundation, then you can ask your school to share more and more information regarding the support that you are likely to receive. Again, you can also have a talk with your previous as well as current classmates.

One-Year Versus Two-Year Programmes: Students need two years to complete full-time MBAs or PGDMs and there is a huge demand for the one-year MBAs/ PGDMs as the ROI of these MBAs/ PGDMs is better. So, when you making comparisons of the ROI of the two kinds of MBA/PGDM programmes, then you will observe that one-year MBAs/ PGDMs habitually outperform. The students of one-year MBAs/ PGDMs pay off the majority of their education loans while the two-year MBA/ PGDM students graduate. So, it comes as a surprise that students only observe the average starting salary but forget to notice the programme’s length.

Rankings: It is a fact that rankings are hugely helpful in developing the reputation and brand of the MBA/PGDM schools and these happen to be independent validation of the performance of a school in the hugely competitive surrounding. So, appropriate care must be taken for using only the topmost international publications or journals because a few rankings of India suffer from the view of getting sponsored.

Combination Of Higher Technology In The MBA/PGDM Programmes: Earlier, getting comfortable with the newest technology was important, but today it is mandatory and tomorrow it will turn critical. Practically, all the aspects of the business have been struck by technology. Hence, students need to be adept technologically, else they run a chance of getting left behind.

The above-stated factors can be viewed as a wider framework to select an MBA/PGDM programme. Aspiring students must remain mindful that the salary that they get commonly depends on them as most companies possess online portals from where students can apply and it is obtainable to students of just any school. Therefore, it is vital for them to align their learning with their objectives and career goals and then they will find this world to become an oyster to them!