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Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Speaking to a group or an audience generally creates a stir and fear in the minds of a lot of people. However, since public speaking is something nearly everyone has to do at some point; it makes sense to tackle those fears with some practical tools.

With the PGDM 2013-15 batch placed and the PGDM 2014-16 batch currently in their summer internships, sooner or later, they are bound to be in a situation wherein they may be required to speak to a group of individuals. Below are a few techniques which can be used which may aid in the improvement of their public speaking skills:

  • Know your audience: One of the basic things to remember while preparing for a presentation or a speech is to know who your audience is. This helps you prepare for the presentation.
  • Practice: Try and capture yourself on camera and watch yourself. Improve the gestures and habits, facial expressions, body language, etc. which will help you become a better speaker. If you plan to use a PowerPoint presentation or a series of props, run through your whole program several times.
  • Be flexible: The best public speakers understand that no matter how much they prepare, they cannot prepare for every single contingency. An audience member might interrupt your carefully planned speech to ask a sudden question. Since you can’t plan for every unknown, invite flexibility and humor into your speech. Your audience will appreciate your ability to “join them” for the time you are together, and you will instantly seem more approachable and genuine.

These are a few techniques which can help you become a better speaker. Keep the focus, we wish you all the best.