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Turn your INTERNSHIP into a JOB!

It’s been 2 weeks since the PGDM 14-16 students joined various organizations for their Summer Internship Program. As they learn the tricks of the trade and equip themselves with the skills required to succeed in their careers, below are a few steps which can help increase their chances of converting their internship into a job.

  • Learn to say “YES”: Say “YES” to task and assignments. Do not shy away from volunteering for new projects. Employers appreciate and recognize the zeal and enthusiasm in employees and they would prefer to have them permanently on their team.
  • Be a Team Player: Gone are the days when one worked in isolation. Organizations today rely on their teams for the successful achievement of its targets and goals. Communicate among your team members. Always be in sync with what’s happening in your team. Discuss new projects etc. with your team mates to ensure that everyone is familiar with the objectives of a task.
  • Learn from your mistakes: As an intern, you are bound to make mistakes. Don’t let that demotivate you. Clarify doubts, ask appropriate questions and gather information to ensure that you don’t repeat the same mistake. Keep challenging yourself; do not let failure hold you back.
  • Prioritize your work: Prepare a to-do list. Never miss a deadline under any circumstance. Mark the tasks according to their urgency and importance and complete them within the given timeline.
  • Look the part: Dress professionally. Employers observe your general behavior and conduct all the time apart from the work that you do. Make your presence felt in the organization. Smile, dress professionally and keep working hard in order to perform well.
  • Seek help from your Mentor: Create a plan to achieve your aspirations. Understand the things you would need to complete before you achieve a particular task and goal. Seek help and guidance from your mentor. Ask questions and come up with solutions. Don’t be someone who complains to the mentor hoping to be cradled.
  • Keep challenging yourself: Take every task as a challenge. Accuracy and the speed at which you complete the assigned tasks are often measured.
  • Networking: Stay in touch with everyone you have worked for. Connect with them on professional networking sites.

Many employers induct interns and later hire them as full time employees based on their dedication, caliber and the enthusiasm with which they worked and accomplished tasks. Continue working with the same ardor and fervor. Keep the focus. We wish you good luck!