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Things Every Intern Should Avoid

Commencing from this week, PGDM 14-16 batch students will start their internships with different organizations. Here are a few tips on what are the things one needs to avoid during their internship.

  • That nagging feeling: Don’t get frustrated. A lot of internships start slow and only gain momentum with time. The organizations may not always have a structured induction or training program for interns. Look for opportunities to contribute in the organization in case you haven’t been assigned any task initially. Don’t be BORED or FRUSTRATED.
  • Get Going: If you sit back waiting for something to happen, nothing ever will. You need to be proactive. Either volunteer or do something you think is needed. Help a co-worker, or ask for more responsibilities.
  • “Because it’s not worth it”: Don’t give up on working or completing small tasks which are assigned to you. These could just be a test wherein your capability and commitment is being assessed on very simple tasks. If you do a below average job on a simple assignment, you are very unlikely to be a part of big and important projects.
  • Stick to the Code: A lot of offices celebrate Friday dressing. However, as interns, you still need to dress professionally, especially if you’re going to be interacting with clients and high-level staff. Some organizations allow wearing collared tee shirt but JEANS or DENIMS are still not acceptable on any day.
  • Mind your Language: A professional email shouldn’t be written like you are texting your best friend. As an intern, it’s especially important that you always proofread your emails at least three times before hitting send. A poorly written email shows your superiors you have little interest in working and aren’t really serious about the job.
  • Be Receptive to Feedback: Feedback is a part of the learning process, and not everyone will be polite while delivering it. Be open to accepting feedback as this will make you more open to learning.
  • Time is not Stretchable: Reaching late for work or to meetings shows you’re irresponsible and do not value time. Carelessness towards time also denotes that you are unreliable and could leave a bad impression on your employer.