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Summer Internship Program –“Prepares you for a life in the corporate world”

Asian Business School is proud of Utkarsh Kumar, a PGDM 2014-16 batch student. His sincere attitude towards work and constant zeal and energy displayed by him has earned him an appreciation from the DGM, HR of the organization.

Utkarsh Kumar is currently undergoing his summer internship at General Energy Management Systems Pvt Ltd. General Energy-Management Systems (GEMS) is the result of decades of experience and entrepreneurship. The company has drawn on the international background and management capabilities of its management and staff to create a powerful platform for itself in the energy sector.

GEMS products and services are dedicated to the energy sector, providing solutions to its clients by means of representing in India the interests of a number of world leaders in the energy sector like GE, Wayne, Franklin Fueling, OPW, TM.P, TM.C, WalterTosto, DT., CostaCurta, O.M.G., Schaefer & Urbach etc.

Growing rapidly, GEMS currently employs about 350 well-trained professionals in their own knowledge base with 15 state offices, 4 regional offices and 13 spare parts warehouses with regional workshops in Delhi, Pune and Chennai.

The Industry Mentor at GEMS has conveyed to the institution that he is extremely happy with his work. He praised Utkarsh for his dedication, sincerity, quick grasp of the job at hand, being proactive and his presentation skills.

Kudos to you Utkarsh! Your zeal and enthusiasm and your commitment towards your work will definitely open the doors to a magnificent professional life. Keep the focus. We wish you all the best.