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Summer Internship Program – An opportunity to understand the dynamics of the real corporate world

A good summer internship program is a great way to learn, relearn and experiment.

For Anmol Rai, a PGDM 2014-16 student, who is currently completing his SIP with the Steel Authority of India (SAIL), this brings an opportunity to learn outside the classroom.

Since May 4th 2015, Anmol Rai has been diligently working in the FOREX department of SAIL. He is a person who carefully plans his tasks and activities and values all the help and education he can get. His commitment and hardwork has brought him recognition as he was given the responsibility to handle the online payment transactions in the FOREX department. Due to his sincerity and aptitude, he has managed to make a positive impression on his mentors which in turn has led to him handling huge online payments within 15 days of his training.

Anmol strongly believes that the hands-on experience of SIP enables students to learn the skills that can help them fit into the working world without hiccups. He is leaving no stone unturned to ensure he derives maximum learning from his Summer Internship.

Summer Internship Programs provide an opportunity to practice whatever you may have learnt in a class room environment.

Keep the focus. We wish you all the best.