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Summer Internship Program – An avenue to understand and hone your skills and competencies

Asian Business School is proud of Shreya Chaurasia, Sheikh Rehan Ahmed and Budhisatya Bhattacharjee, PGDM 2014 – 16 students who are currently undergoing their Summer Internship at Outlook Publishing Pvt Ltd. since May 4th 2015.

Launched in October 1995, Outlook the weekly news-magazine galvanised a sluggish market reeling under the impact of satellite TV. Outlook quickly carved a niche for itself among discerning readers who value its in-depth, investigative reporting as well as its stylish visual format. It has shaken the establishment on events ranging from Kargil to Kashmir to Cricket, sensitised the reading public to important issues like big dams, education and gender and provided an unremitting focus on South Asian geopolitics, adjourned the parliament on phone tapping issues. Since its launch, Outlook the most exciting and the fastest growing news weekly magazine in India continues to redefine the news magazine market.

All the 3 students have managed to supersede the targets which were given to them. The students have been assigned a target to book subscriptions for a particular amount during their internship. Shreya, Sheikh Rehan and Budhisatya have managed to book subscriptions over and above the assigned target exceeding the target by another 100%.

Great Job Shreya Chaurasia, Sheikh Rehan Ahmed and Budhisatya Bhattacharjee. We are proud of your efforts. Keep the focus. We wish you all the best.