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Summer Internship Program –“A way to learn real life skills”

“A financial powerhouse! That’s what Bonanza is for you!” This is the level of energy displayed by Deepender Siwach, a PGDM 2014-16 student who is currently completing his summer internship at Bonanza Portfolio since May 4th 2015.

Established in the year 1994, Bonanza developed into one of the largest financial services and broking house in India within a short span of time. Today, Bonanza is the fastest growing financial service with 5 mega group companies under it. With diligent effort, acknowledged industry leadership and experience, Bonanza has spread its trustworthy expertise all over the country with pan-India presence across more than 1784 outlets spread across 560 cities.

Asian Business School is proud of the accolades received by Deepender Siwach for his hardwork and dedication. The Regional Head at Bonanza conveyed to the institution that he is extremely happy with his work. He praised Deepender for his dedication, sincerity, quick grasp of the job at hand, being proactive and his excellent presentation skills.

Kudos to you Deepender! Your zeal and enthusiasm and your commitment towards your work will definitely open the doors to a magnificent professional life. Keep the focus. We wish you all the best.