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PGDM Program – Scope and Career Prospects

Education provides us knowledge of the world around us and develops a positive perspective of looking at life. One of the goals of education is to prepare students for valuable participation in society. Today, the growth of economic globalization and technological advancement has contributed a lot to the increasing importance of management studies. Business corporations rule the contemporary world. Post Graduate Diploma in Management i.e. PGDM is gaining momentum as it provides students a platform to strengthen their ground in the area of management skills or entrepreneurship. PGDM enhances leadership skills which are required to be successful in managing business operations in various sectors.

This program takes care of overall personality development of a student and provides them with good problem solving and communication skills. It is equally important that aspiring students need to be well aware of the PGDM specializations when choosing to pursue their Masters in management, as an informed choice will help them in choosing the right job in future.

Career Prospects:

Businesses and firms hire a PGDM graduate for all kinds of job roles and profiles. Banks and financial services is a sector that offers tremendous potential. India now has emerged as a powerful banking industry flush after the recent demonetization.

Hotel Management has specialized courses, but management graduates fit in well there too. PGDM offers various choices of fields and hospitality would be an excellent choice. The growth of the tourism industry and the infrastructure growth will add to more high-income jobs. Health Care facilities and Hospitals present another career opportunity. Management principles remain quite the same, applied to whatever industry. A flair for communication, an outgoing personality that likes to interact with society are some qualities needed for further survival in the corporate industry. Human Resources lie at the heart of every organization. The ability to select the best workers, based on value principles, is a science and an art. Much of the selection happens online and recruitment can be quickly done from across the world. Managing a talented workforce in the company would require diverse HR skills.

Rural management and retail management are some of the newer areas that have come up in recent times.  New age careers like some in the IT industry have the advantage of novelty that would be very interesting for some people. The arrival of global companies in India has raised demand and has opened diverse career prospects. The situation is likely to stay that way with accelerated growth in several sectors like e-commerce. Management Consultants usually make specialized studies of a specific field. They help companies improve production, cut down on costs, ensure worker performance.

Even law firms hire PGDM degree holders to be their CEO with a necessary law background. There are upcoming niches like Digital Marketing. Companies are now spending almost 75% of their marketing budget in the digital world and they need managers to manage their digital visibility. And lastly, there is always entrepreneurship. PGDM professionals are trained to maintain their own firm and the course gives the students valuable lessons for their venture.