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How to become a successful INTERN!

As the PGDM 2014-16 batch gears up to begin their internship from May 4th, here are a few tips to ensure success to the Asianites. We wish you all the best for your summer internship.

  1. Body Language: A firm handshake is what really matters and that is how you can impress your fellow colleagues. Maintain eye contact while speaking or introducing your self. This denotes confidence.
  2. No Gossiping!!! Though office gossip is inevitable; as an intern, refrain from involving yourself in them. You will be noticed more for concentrating and completing your work rather that indulging yourself in idle chit chat.
  3. Leave the phone ALONE! Steer clear of using your phone. Respond to calls or texts only if it is imperative. It is considered extremely unprofessional if you are seen too busy with your phone.
  4. Dress well: Select an outfit which will not only adhere to the dress code in the organization, but will also make you feel confident and comfortable. Ensure that the clothes are neat, clean, well ironed and PERFECT.
  5. Speak Up, don’t be shy: Do not shy away from asking questions. Remember, as an intern, you are new and are allowed to have doubts. Clear your doubts before attempting a new task. Don’t hesitate.
  6. Be Confident: Self-confidence is the key component in anything that you do. There is a thin line between a person who is successful and the other who is striving to be one. Keep yourself abreast with the knowledge of the industry and be proactive in your approach for learning new things.
  7. Have Faith in yourself: Don’t underestimate yourself and your position in the company. You are hired because you had displayed the potential during the screening process and the organization believes they will benefit from having you on board. Believe in your capabilities and work hard towards your own professional development.
  8. Step Up! Take initiative. Be proactive and volunteer for those tedious assignments and tasks.
  9. Watch the Clock: As an intern, it is all the more mandatory for you to adhere and stick to schedules. Reach office on time. Not a minute later. ON TIME.