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Hardwork and Dedication brings Great Results

Hard work and dedication definitely brings you success. One must constantly put in maximum efforts to accomplish their targets and goals..

This is the case with Rahul Raj, a PGDM 2014-16 student who is currently completing his summer internship with PayTM and is a part of their marketing team since May 4th 2015..

He is diligent and committed towards his work and like any other student at ABS, he believes in giving his 100% to the job. At PayTM, Rahul was assigned the responsibility of getting 20 merchants to tie up with the company. He was required to meet this goal in 2 months from the commencement of his internship. With constant zeal to perform and the enthusiasm to achieve the targets assigned, Rahul worked diligently towards the attainment of his targets. His hardwork, energy and enthusiasm paid off and he has managed to achieve approximately 90% of the goal within the first 20 days. He received appreciation from his mentors and the reporting manager.

Rahul ardently believes that one should be willing to take responsibility and should not shy away from hard work if success is what one desires.

Summer Internship Programs are an important stepping stone towards the development of a successful career. At Asian Business School, constant exposure and opportunities provided in the form of Live Projects and Research Assignments gives the students an avenue to build and enhance the skills required to succeed in the corporate.

Keep the focus. We wish you all the best.