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Final Recruitment Drive at Asian Business School, Noida

Asian Business School, Noida is proud to announce our final placement of PGDM 14-16 batch. In the series of final placements by the reputed companies, Hicare is here for the recruitment of Asianites. We extend a warm welcome to Hicare Company to our campus.

Hicare started with a simple vision – providing a hygienic, eco- friendly environment to the Indian customers, whether they are at home or work. With the team of highly qualified personnel, they have been successful in changing the pollution free eco system. They are into developing an obsession for customer centricity and excellence in execution; continuously improving quality of service in pest control and offering a superior value proposition; promoting empowerment, trust and team work. The campus drive of this company is beginning from 05 October, 2015. This drive is aimed at marketing specialization eligible students. We wish all the best to our PGDM (14-16) batch. May they be successful in their Endeavour!!!