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Diploma in International Business from Asian Business School

Why International Business?

International Business refers to all the business activities which involve cross border transaction of goods, services, resources, etc. between nations.

The knowledge of International Business focuses on strategic planning for international operations and provides an in-depth understanding of the organizational capabilities required for international operations, including specialized functions such as international marketing, finance and human resource management.

The International Business environment is dynamic and students of today need to adopt flexible patterns of thinking and behaviour to succeed as the managers of tomorrow. The Diploma in International Business has been designed to explore in detail the nature and implications of these changes and provide students with the skills and mindsets that will allow them to operate effectively within, and lead, the organizations of the future.

We at Asian Business School believe that knowledge, coupled with the exposure provided as a part of the curriculum, will inculcate in the students the aptitude to foresee the changing business environment, create innovative plans and implement radical policies.

The one week spent at Oxford Business College, UK provides the students an opportunity to witness the intercultural environment in person. This also helps them understand the complexities of International Business Operations and equips them with the knowledge base to deal with these complexities.

We believe in preparing the students for a successful and rewarding career and groom them so that they eventually develop into credible professionals. We wish you all the best for all endeavours.