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The telecom industry around the world is redefining communication services more frequent than ever. The band width promised by never technologies is setting new bench mark rapidly. Every new technology is superior to the former one by 100 or 1000 times. India is lagging behind the world in technology adoption and this may get aggravated if we do not leapfrog to future technologies. India is currently seeing the growth of 3G services and we are hopeful of the success of the 4G services in the future. Recently the leaders of the world’s wireless industry showcased their next big idea -5C. We could get too focused on the short term and develop myopic vision. The big question then would be- Can India be left behind in the digital era.

CII sponsored “TELECOM CONVERGES SUMMIT” on the topic “Digital revolution; Forward path for telecom”. Students of Asian Education Group attended the summit which was held on September 18, 2015 at Hotel Maurya, New Delhi. They had a unique corporate exposure. The summit had V sessions. Each session was unique in the selection of the topic and was chaired by the eminent personalities in the field of Telecommunication. The summit touched the following topics-

  • Evolving technologies: Can India be left behind.
  • Internet of Everything- Is there a Limit
  • Net Neutrality
  • Digital Commerce
  • Cyber Security

This summit broadened the horizons of the students and they understood about the new digicom revolution in the making. They also imbibed the challenges and opportunities digitalization has to offer. They came across the who’s who of the corporate world like Mr.Umang Das, Chief Mentor-Viom Metworks Ltd, Mr. Shree Parthasarthy, Senior Director, Deloitte, Mr. Rakesh Garg, Chairman, Telecom Commission, Ministry of Telecom Commission and Secretary, Government of India. There were the top brass of the companies like Videocon, Nokia, Datawind, Amdocs, IBM, Uninor, Abode South Asia and many more.