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Collaborative Programme with PGDM helps your resume stand-out of the crowd!

Present day business management is a favorite subject amongst aspiring students as it can guarantee a successful career with high package of salary. Courses like PGDM are very fruitful course to study management but today everyone  wants to build his career in management so, in the field of management studies, the crowd increases which leads to rise in competition. To win against this competition and to become successful, student need some extra skills, some extra certificates and diplomas.

Extra skill, certificates and diplomas help aspirants’ resume to stand-out of the crowd. Many colleges provide PGDM, but some best colleges for PGDM like Asian Business School have designed their diploma with certain collaborative programme so as to groom their students  better for the competition. Collaborative programme benefits in many ways, some of which are enumerated below:

  1. Adds-on new knowledge & new skills

Some colleges set their PGDM curriculum with providing some certificate and diploma which help students to add new skills and knowledge. Different certificates and diplomas help to open career opportunities for students in many ways. At ABS, for instance, they have a tie-up with NIIT for providing a Certification in Business Analytics & Digital Marketing program that would enable the students to understand how digital marketing can help in the growth of a business., Besides, they also offer Diploma in Media & Entertainment from AAFT that emphasizes on the technical, artistic as well as the business aspects of print journalism; radio & television production / broadcasting; film making / distribution / exhibition and multimedia production for the internet.. Such diplomas are very beneficial with PGDM as they add more skills and knowledge.

  1. Enhances communication skills

To be a part of management field either as an employee or an entrepreneur, communication skills play a crucial role. Students need to learn corporate communication and they should also know one or two foreign language. Good corporate communication helps students to present themselves confidentially, and knowledge of foreign language help students to opens stronger careers opportunities in foreign and in MNCs. Considering this factor along with PGDM ABS provides Diploma in Corporate Communication and Certification Programme in Foreign Language (French/ German).

  1. Increases job opportunities

Collaborative programs with PGDM are a very nice exposure to get more job opportunities. Along with knowledge of management, knowledge of some other fields like digital marketing, business analytics, media, foreign languages provide many options to select career in different fields.  Management degree is common amongst today’s generation, but if someone has some extra certificates and diplomas of different skills, he can make himself noticeable from the crowd. All these new skills with management actually help one to do more creative work, which are required and appreciated everywhere.

  1. Gets you an international edge

International exposure in PGDM course curriculum helps students to gain cross-cultural learning experience. To make PGDM course more impactful many colleges provide international study trip and provide additional diploma or certificates in  business management – like at ABS, they have their tie up with Oxford Business College (UK), London for an Executive Diploma in International Business whereby, along with classroom study, students participate in project work and on-site visits to historical and cultural venues in Oxford and London, UK.

  1. Helps your resume stand-out of the crowd

All collaborative programmes make resumes of students more poignant. Every company wants their employees having multitasking skills. Collaborative programme provide students to surge their skills and make themselves more impressive with different skills’ certificates and diplomas in resume.