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Asian Business School’s Center for Skill Development makes ABS PGDM students more employable!

Skill development is the process of identifying one’s skill gaps and developing and honing these skills. It is important because one’s skills determine their ability to execute their plans with success.

Skill development is no longer a matter of choice today. It is absolutely important to adapt, survive and succeed. We work in an era where dealing with ambiguity and disruptive trends are critical to success. While maintaining an academic awareness of one’s field, one has to review the career eco-system as well. Thus, adapting skills and attitude is now necessary to succeed in the years to come.

In the field of academic learning, a degree/diploma from a reputed institution is definitely an advantage and acts as an initial impetus. Right from interviews with reputed companies on campus, to the value it carries whenever you introduce yourself, it presents various opportunities to project you as a potential candidate. But at the same time, as a student, it is absolutely important to be “context-wise” these days. ‘Context-wise’ means being cognizant of the challenges our profession will pose in the future and having the mental preparedness to be ready for it.

This is exactly how it is for PGDM students studying at Asian Business School, Noida. Here, an in-house Center for Skill Development (CSD) has been set up to cater to the captive demands of the corporate in sync with the mindset of ABS that the students’ personality development is an integral part of holistic education.To increase the relevance with future employment market including promotion of self-employment, a two-pronged initiative – Soft Skills & Employability Skills – has been made an integral part of skill development under CSD.

Under the CSD umbrella at ABS, a thriving, impactful mentoring program called “Crafting Prodigy” is in place where customized attention is the focus. Every student is assigned to a ‘CRAFTER’ who gives personalized attention towards identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the individual and focuses on building his/her(globally accepted norm of not using him in general, either use both him/her or her as being used in developed countries now) capabilities and skills needed to succeed in a dynamic global economy; in other words, crafting the ‘PRODIGY’.One of the main benefits of the programme is that everyone learns in different timeframes and in different ways.

CSD’s Soft Skills & Personality Development programme has two components – Individual Development Plan & Competency Development Plan. While the Individual Development Plan emphasizes on identifying and developing individual learning and development needs of the students covering various behavioral & communication aspects, the Competency Development Plan focuses at more customized training solutions to hone the required competencies, skills and making students ready for the professional world.

Some of the additional highlights of CSD’s activities are Extensive Training Workshops (Indoor & Outdoor); Continuous Evaluation Strategies undertaken for students; Focus on Case Studies, Role Plays & Project Handling; Usage of Audio Visual & Simulation Techniques; Formation of Literary Club; Corporate Interface Visits; and Guest Lectures by eminent corporate professionals.

In conjunction, all these efforts at Asian Business School’s CSD goes a long way in making ABS students more employable during their pursuance of the PGDM course at this top ranked PGDM college in Delhi NCR.