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Knowledge is an understanding of the cause and effect relationship that govern our lives, the nature and role of each entity in relation to all. It allows us to describe, affect and predict the natural world. We acquire knowledge in fragments that are unique to each individual, there is no single way to attain knowledge, and knowledge can be gained and imparted through various innovative and creative modes to make people learn beyond the classroom lectures.

SAVOIR- a knowledge filling station held on 20th October 2012 conducted by Synergize To-Get-HR (The HR Club) initiated a step to add on creativity and innovation to the process of acquiring knowledge and to give synergic attribute towards seeking knowledge and learning in a group as “we can be smarter together than any one of us can be alone”.

Savoir came up with a platform for the class presentation concept where 5-7 representatives form each semester participated to gain success with collaborative effort to ensure glory for their respective class. Each semester was allotted with General Management and Human Resource topic- Role of training in cross culture environment, Leaders lead the organization?, Communication! Bridging the gap between employer and employees, Working in group: Boon or Bane, Change in perception changes the world & Personality contributes towards success?. These topics were given to students two days in advance so that they can come up with different creative tools which can embark this learning experience more interesting and effective beyond traditional methodologies of imparting knowledge.

All the teams came up with distinct zeal of conveying their concepts by creating synergic impact with role plays, mute acts, presentation, song, videos which not only proved to be the knowledge filling station but also an easy way out to remember the basic concepts that had long lasting impact on all the audience present and members participated.