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Keeping with its tradition of Saturday Club activities aiming to provide students a platform to showcase their talent and turn academic learning into experiential one ,Mark-Techos “The Marketing Club” of ABS hosted its event on 15th June. To begin with, the team assembled a group of talented students capable of handling the various aspects of the event, right from event planning, to documentation and décor.

The event started with “Hall of Fame” wherein participants were given marketing themes on “Marketing Vs Selling”, “Organized Vs unorganised retail”, “Insurance – Private Vs Public”. They had to exhibit the same in their respective classrooms. Their presentations were thronged by faculty members and other students as the classrooms oozed the creativity and innovation demonstrated by participants in representing the themes. The activity was followed by “Vipanan- Vaad Vivaad” – a group discussion round which brought out the presence of most intellectual minds on the campus. The entire team of Mark Techos left no stone unturned in ensuring the event’s inevitable success. The event was a hit with the participants, who responded enthusiastically and were the vital role-players in the events being so successful.