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SYNERZISE-TOGETHER- HR club on 22nd June 2013 planned application based event “संघठन”- Formation of Trade Union with an idea to understand the concept of Trade Union, its registration and recognition process. The principle objective behind “संघठन” was to analyze the role played by trade union in today’s industrial world. Trade union now a days is emerging as a powerful collective group working for the common goal i.e. equality and justice to labour.

“संघठन” was segregated in four phases spread all over the week, firstly, students were asked to form a group comprising of minimum 7 or 1/10 of total member to register their trade union as per the guideline and format prescribed by Trade Union Act 1926. For the registration purpose groups were given genuine form as prescribed followed by the registration certificate.

Two Trade Union- “ABS Shakti” under the leadership of Deepak Arora(Student) with 21 members & “H.K.J.N.P” (Humse Kahu jeet na Payee) under the leadership of Md. Arif Khan(Student) with support of 17 members were awarded with Trade Union Registration certificate on the basis of eligibility accomplished and registration application.

“संघठन” along with its primary objective of making budding managers understand the concept of Trade Union also highlighted current employee’s issues- Women Empowerment, Child labour, Safety and hygiene at workplace through its third phase “Agenda”. Both the unions were given two hours to portray the allocated concept through presentation, role-play, banners etc. The concern here was to make all the members aware about some of these current issues which seek attention, their implication, and remedial measures that can be opted based upon the real time practical approach. Both the teams were able to justify their agenda by using innovative ideas.

To conclude the fourth phase of “संघठन” was ‘Recognition of Trade Union’; all the present members and non-members were asked to vote for ‘ABS Shakti’ or ‘HKJNP’ along with the ballot voting a panel of judges were asked to allocate them marks on the basis of “Prachar” & “Agenda Propagation”. Finally ABS Shakti was recognized as winner with maximum votes and support.