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Prakriti, the environment club of ABS organized the yearly club activity on 26th October, 2013. The purpose of the activity was to sensitize the young generation towards the numerous issues related to environment. The club also wanted to encourage students in huge numbers to showcase their talent as well to give them a platform to shed their inhibitions and fears so that they are ready to face the corporate world with boosted confidence and optimism.

The club organized a presentation competition “JAAGO INDIA JAAGO” where the students of PGDM I and PGDM IV were given a chance to make presentations on varied environmental issues like Global Warming, Degradation of Natural Resources, Deforestation, Pollution-Air, Land, Water, Noise, Waste Management, Carbon Emissions & Kyoto Protocol, Wild Life Protection, Land Use, Biodiversity Loss, Excessive Urbanization, Kedarnath disaster analysis due to commercial use of resources, Climate Changes, etc. In total 8 teams from both the sessions participated and did a remarkable job on the content and the presentation part of the activity.

The other activity called “NUKKAD NAATAK” was organized where the students had to represent an NGO and create awareness for a chosen environmental issue through a street play. PGDM IV team a commendable job to represent the Kedarnath tragedy and what can be done to avoid such disasters in the future.

The objectives of the club activity were to motivate and encourage students to come out of their shell and improve their communication skills, presentations skills, confidence, attitude towards learning and prepare them to face the placement session ahead of them. Such activities and events provide a direction to them to groom themselves for the corporate jobs.