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A one day seminar was hosted by Asian Business School on 29th February 2012, the theme of the seminar being “Digital Media – Opportunities and Challenges for Management”. Convergence in new media has brought a change not only in the way we live, but also in the way we think. It has become an organ for publicity for interested corporate; a power which acts as the building block of new communication systems. The seminar was organised for the budding managers to give them a perspective of how new media has changed the way organisations do business. The event started at 3 pm with Prof Sandeep Marwah, Director, Asian Business School, an international media guru inaugurating the seminar by expressing, “New media which is a boon for the corporate in streamlining the activities; has become a bane with employees misusing them during productive office hours.”

The seminar had the benign presence of elite panelists from industry and academics, namely, Mr Arvind Kanaujia, Director, Alpinesoft IT Solutions Pvt Ltd., Mr Kshitiz Randhir Shori, Head, Brand Sales, Vserve, Mr Deepak Goel, CEO, Snapshot, Mr. Pankaj Rakesh, Course Leader, Asian School of Communications. Mr Marwah welcomed the speakers on the platform. Seminar theme was introduced by Ms Rupali Misra Nigam, Asstt HOD, Finance Department, “The minute news hits the wires, it becomes a conversation. And organization’s race for this space – people mindshare.”Mr Arvind Kanaujia spoke about the historical growth trajectory of digital media from analog media. Mr Kshitiz Randhir Shori, Head, Brand Sales, Vserve was articulate about his views on Mobile technology. He expressed that marketing through mobile telephony will overtake all other mediums and will be the next revolution. He emphasized, “Mobile is always on”, “(its) prime time, all the time”, and mobile is the “most personal computer ever.”The discussion was further carried forward by Mr. Deepak Goel. He enumerated the role of 7 Cs in new media in expanding business horizons; right from concept, context, content, communication, coverage and credibility leading the market expansion. Mr Marwah, also the festival president of Cell Phone Cinema – an yearly event of International repute, shared his wisdom. “People carry their mobile phones where ever they go, mobile has replaced address books, cameras, calculators perhaps even personal computers. A target audience this big encompasses huge potential for revenue generation”However, Mr. Pankaj Rakesh, Course Leader, Asian School of Communication, debated that media alone can not sustain development. He condensed the seminar with the note that information is of utmost importance. He argued that people have lost the essence of information, retentivity and recall due to this bombardment of media and its frills.Dr Latika Sahani, Joint Director and Dean, Asian Business School acknowledged the dignitaries and paid the vote of thanks – “the students learned from this interactive discussion where all the speakers shared the wisdom on their forte”The program ended with an insightful and meaningful discussion and the students were rightly guided on role on digital media – its opportunities and challenges.