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“The Vision of Industrial visit is to Inspire Young Managementt students to Lead development by taking enterprise. By doing so they can turn from job seeker to job creators. ” as well as Travel -As A Learning Experience to such International Trade Fairs. Also, Focuses on the concepts that the students need to learn along with providing adequate doses of Learning. ‘Fun’ can go a long way in making the students realize and relish the learning concepts and the importance of an Industrial Visit. The visit lasted for about six hours. Students came to know how exactly a various industries works , strategies adopted by them, the social welfare responsibilities and their execution.

Being a responsible management students one should know a basic knowledge about the working of the industry. Since; this annual event acts as a platform for manufacturers, traders, exporters and importers and displays a wide range of products and services including: Automobiles, Coir Products, Jute, Textiles, Garments, Household appliances, Kitchen appliances, Processed food, Beverages, Body care and healthcare Products, Furniture, Toys, etc. The IITF theme this year is “Skilling India”, which is most relevant, modern and extremely important aim for India today.

The IITF, offers participants from different segments of the industry adequate visibility for their products and services among fair visitors with demarked halls representing different sectors. Through its special display section of techmart, representing products and technologies of small and medium enterprises, Saras, highlighting tribal and rural handicrafts, good living, focus on products and goods relevant to daily living, ensuring a distinct visibility for generic product categories. The theme is significant especially when Indian economy is poised for a robust growth in the coming years and the focus is being given on the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors, where skilled manpower becomes primary requirement. The fair reflects determination of Indian business community in the midst of realities such as globalization and competitiveness. The fair is indeed a display of India’s prowess in scientific, industrial and agricultural development as well as, space IT, telecom and e- governance.