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Mr. Satish Kaushik, an Indian film director, producer and actor in Hindi films and theatre; visited Asian Business School, Asian Education Group and interacted with the management students. He appreciated the contribution of Asian Business School’s initiative to give the professional touch to the media industry. He emphasized that today management students have career option in event management, electronic media and print media, Celebrity management and so on. Making a movie is a tremendous logistical undertaking. It’s the execution of the details that ultimately determines the quality of the finished product; but it is the management professionals who market this product to the public.
Prof. Sandeep Marwah, Chairman of Asian Education Group focused on that Media Management deals with account planning and management/brand management, media planning and management and market research. The course provides knowledge and understanding of the multidisciplinary field of media management, encompassing media technology and its basic components as well as market studies, business development, organization and economics to beat the competition in the mass media market.

The students asked lot many questions on technical issues as well as on personal experiences of Mr. Satish Kaushik in the field of acting and direction. Mr. R.K. Singh of ASC, appreciated the contribution of Mr. Satish Kaushik to film industry. Dr. Lalitya Srivastava, Director, ABS, Noida, Paid his gratitude to the renowned director and actor for sharing his practical experience to make the management learning easy for the students.